Are you covered?

Belonging to a medical aid in South Africa can be costly with schemes increasing their rates annually and these increase percentages are sometimes higher than inflation. Due to these annual increases, members often opt to terminate their cover as they simply can’t afford the monthly contributions.  Those who can’t compromise belonging to a medical scheme … Continue reading Are you covered?


You have applied before the closing date in March and are now frantically waiting on a call from your preferred school. Gone are the days when we could just get an application form from our local public school and enrol our precious beings to start their scholastic path. Parents go through all sorts of lengths … Continue reading THE INTENSE DEMAND FOR SPACE

Advice to a 21 year old!

My god-daughter recently celebrated her 21st birthday and I was asked to make a speech at her birthday celebration.  I was given notice well in advance, however finding the write words for my speech deemed to be a difficult task.  After contemplating on whether I need to talk about her character or just give her … Continue reading Advice to a 21 year old!